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What if carbon compensation would be transparent and easy?

Purchase carbon credits and invest in new project developments.

Full market transparency

Direct access to project developers

More impact

Low transaction cost

Earn a monetary dividend

How to decide for a suitable project?

Our transparency manifesto.

At equio, we are fully committed to add transparency to carbon markets. That is why we provide all facts and figures to support your investment decisions. We perform background checks, gather additional information through partners and evaluate projects and their impact against market standards.

Based on our assessment metrics, we ensure that your investment creates local impact and carbon credits or financial returns.

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Search and filter to find projects that meet your compensation strategy requirements.

Project types

Choose between different project archetypes from household solutions to forestation.


Identify projects close to your own facilities or choose countries you want to be engaged in.


Define in which years the projects shall have achieved the carbon effects.


Decide for projects that address SDGs, which best fit your corporate values.

Certification standards

Choose between Gold Standard and Verra and add co-certifications like CCBS, SD VISta, or Fairtrade.


Filter for projects that suit your annual demand of carbon credits.

Financial return

Invest in carbon funds that offer you a yearly monetary return or in form of carbon credits.

What is the right way to obtain carbon credits?

Financing solutions.

Your entire compensation portfolio in one place.

Credit purchases to support carbon projects:

As there is a great variety of carbon projects out there, which avoid or remove carbon every year, we offer different purchase options for carbon credits. With such purchases, corporations and investors support carbon projects to keep up their operations and reduce or avoid carbon.

Carbon investments to scale climate impact:

We believe the world needs to accelerate the transformation towards carbon neutrality. For this acceleration, new project developments need to be implemented. equio is the first marketplace to offer investments in new project opportunities with a return in carbon credits. Such investments offer a secured carbon credit delivery without exposure to market price increases. At the same time, your investment allows the implementation of a new carbon project that will generate additional positive effects in the future.


Choose vintages and amounts and receive a binding offer for your purchasing department or ask the project developer for a unique quote.

Corporation invests:

Avg. costs

Corporation receices:


  • 2021

  • 2022

  • 2023

  • 2024

  • 2025

How to back your decision with further quality assurance?

Our quality pledge.

Our quality framework focuses on general project and typical carbon market risks. Three key dimensions define the scope of our assessment: carbon impact, financial viability, and reputational robustness.

Depending on the financing instrument, our quality process supports you with the appropriate depth of relevant background checks and further assessments to evaluate the fit with your requirements.


Initial screening

Due diligence



Initial screening

Initial screening:

Background check on Project Developer (e.g. anti-money laundering, credit worthiness, sanction lists, etc.) and on the project (e.g. press check, benchmarking, project area stability index, etc.)

Due diligence:

Assessment of the project oppotunity on how feasible and well-planned it is and what potential risks around the successful implementation and operations of the project are.


Based on identified risks, regular reporting from project developer, ongoing background and press monitoring as well as regular verification of carbon effects beyond the certification.

Communicate your engagement.

Do good and talk about it.

In Germany we say „Do good and talk about it“ and we strongly believe that communication about climate activities enhances the activities themselves.

  • High quality media files for your CSR-report, your website or your next campaign.

  • Annual or more frequent reports on activities and progress.

  • Get specific in your communication with details on how projects contribute to the SDGs.

Together we can create a movement and motivate others to contribute in scaling carbon projects.

You are not yet reporting on your climate positive activities or would like to bring the communication to the next level and increase your audience?

Get in touch with us! Our partner for sustainable communication is MUTABOR, an ecovadis certified agency from Hamburg. It is committed to society-centered design and thus pursues a clear sustainability strategy itself. This can be seen in the current Next Level Report.

Together we support you in creating additional value through your engagement.


equio is an offering by German FRIDAY GmbH, launched in 2021. We believe the global transformation offers a historic opportunity for economies, local communities, and our planet. The carbon markets are key instruments of this fundamental transformation. With equio, we develop the next generation of carbon finance by enhancing market transparency, granting direct access to climate projects and designing new financing instruments. We believe, these are the key ingredients for a successful transformation to scale climate projects globally.


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© 2021 FRIDAY GmbH. All rights reserved.

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