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What if projects would benefit the most from carbon markets?

Intro / What is equio about?

Welcome to the next generation of carbon finance.


One marketplace to sell carbon credits and raise financing for new projects. No hidden fees.


Equio is not a carbon credit broker. We offer the necessary infrastructure and direct access to corporate offtakers and investors.


We provide necessary processes, tools, and documents so you can do what you are best at. Scaling positive impact for people and planet.

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What you can do on equio.

Sell credits of existing projects:

equio enables you to get in touch with corporate offtakers directly. Without any middleman, you benefit from a higher return per credit.

Raise financing for new project developments:

Partner with global investors to turn project ideas into reality. Work with the ones who strive to make a real difference.


Just the way it used to be. Just better. Direct sales, full price setting autonomy.

Sales Contract

Annual Sales


  • 2021

  • 2022

  • 2023

  • 2024

  • 2025

Our requirements.

We believe the transformation to a carbon neutral world can only be achieved with rigorous commitment to quality. Effects need to be planned conservatively and impact monitored closely.

All projects shall...

  • be certified by Gold Standard or Verra
  • pass our screening and due diligence process
  • disclose information about corresponding adjustments
  • adhere to highest labor and human rights standards

Lean process to sell credits or raise financing.

1.Get in touch

Contact us via email or here.

2.Request financing

Fill out and submit project form.


Provide information for due diligence.

4.Offer acceptance

Collect financing from corporates and investors.

Your benefits.

Direct access to carbon offtakers

Full price transparency

High quality project presentation

Fully supported sales & financing process

Join now.

Contact us for questions and further information.


equio is an offering by German FRIDAY GmbH, launched in 2021. We believe the global transformation offers a historic opportunity for economies, local communities, and our planet. The carbon markets are key instruments of this fundamental transformation. With equio, we develop the next generation of carbon finance by enhancing market transparency, granting direct access to climate projects and designing new financing instruments. We believe, these are the key ingredients for a successful transformation to scale climate projects globally.


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© 2021 FRIDAY GmbH. All rights reserved.

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