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What if we could create impact that lasts?

What is our mission?

Foster growth.

At equio, we believe that the global scaling of new carbon projects provides a historic opportunity to create lasting impact on people, planet and prosperity.

For that purpose, equio provides two innovations:

  • A transparent, global marketplace for project developers to present investment opportunites

  • New financing solutions for investors to faciliate direct investments into the development of new climate impact projects

Who are we?

Following our purpose.

One team, sharing one common goal: Create impact in what they do.

We believe climate change is one of the key challenges of our lifetime. However, the necessary transformation also provides enormous economic and social potential. With the goal to offer meaningful climate solutions, which combine economic and environmental targets, we founded equio.

Meet the team.

Patrick Sturmheit
Mikula Jung
Peter Matysiak


Create opportunities.

With each new project development, equio plays an active role in supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). To achieve the global SDG's, annual investments of roughly 3,900 billion USD are needed. Current annual investments average out at around 1,400 billion USD. Every investment on the equio platform, actively supports closing the yearly gap of around 2,500 billion USD.

For local communities, the conesequent focus on SDG's as co-benefits of each project development, results in crucial benefits such as better living conditions, proper education or health benefits.

SDG Investment Gap

Total annual investment needs
3,900 Billion USD
Current annual investment
1,400 Billion USD
Total investment gap
2,500 Billion USD

Estimated investment gap 2015-2030 in key SDG sectors including power, climate change mitigation/adaptation, food security and agriculture, water and sanitation, transport, education, telecommunications, health, and ecosystem/biodiversity. Billions of USD, annual average. Source: World Economic Forum, 2016.


Achieve carbon neutrality.

As core motivation, all project developments possess a direct, positive impact on our climate. Either through the active avoidance of emissions, or reduction through CO2 sequestation. With our offering, next to the establishment of new technical and social projects, we strive to close the annual gap of 300-400 billion USD for preserving and restoring ecosystems.

Finance Gap

Current Annual Investment

52 Billion USD

Required Annual Investment

300-400 Billion USD

Source: WWF International “Bankable Nature Solutions”, 2020


Activate global resources.

To achieve our global climate targets, we need to close the current financing gaps.

We believe, that through the activation of the private sector a transition to a zero-carbon resilient economy is possible!

Join us on our journey as a partner, customer, employee or advocate!

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Our focus:

1Measure + Disclose

climate impact and risk


climate impact + risk in line with science


the global transition to a zero-carbon resillient economy


for strong policy frameworks

Source: Gold Standard Foundation “Corporate Climate Stewardship”, 2018


equio is an offering by German FRIDAY GmbH, launched in 2021. We believe the global transformation offers a historic opportunity for economies, local communities, and our planet. The carbon markets are key instruments of this fundamental transformation. With equio, we develop the next generation of carbon finance by enhancing market transparency, granting direct access to climate projects and designing new financing instruments. We believe, these are the key ingredients for a successful transformation to scale climate projects globally.


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